Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Out Of The Past by Jeffrey Ballam

the only thing I ask is that you be totally honest with yourself, and with me
  ~ Jeffrey Ballam's Out of the Past

It's autumn and the perfect time to get comfortable with a cup of tea and a charming book. We suggest adding Out of the Past to your list of reads. There are few things worse than a predictable trajectory in a book (or film); Out of the Past has some twist that brings one more level of entertainment to this romantic novel. In the author's, Jeffrey Ballam, first book he shows his talent for crafting a story. A pleasant introduction to his work. We look forward to future works by Mr. Ballam - but for now the kettle is boiling and it's time for tea and Out of the Past

This review is the collaboration of a three person review board: an actor, a computer nerd, a writer.

The manuscript was submitted to us, for a review,  after reading the story, I'm buying this book for my Kindle ~ the Nerd. 

I'm glad to read about a Latino lawyer, educated and romantic ~ the Actor 

  A nice romantic evening doesn't have to always lead to sex
~ Out of the Past 

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